What is Compassionate Finance?2017-06-01T08:46:56-06:00

Compassionate Finance™ is dedicated to making every procedure affordable by offering customized payment plans for all patients seeking quality care. We’re committed to helping doctors focus on what they love, being great doctors. Your patients rely on you for your dedication, knowledge and expertise. We focus on making sure your patients can afford the best treatments available and that they stay in your practice to receive those treatments.

What sets us apart?2017-06-01T08:38:07-06:00

Our advanced proprietary software technology offers a cloud-based application process that instantly determines approval status based on credit ratings and banking history. Every patient qualifies with just an active bank account and with customized payment plan options, borrowers are able to request an affordable monthly payment that fits in their budget.

Every doctor has had patients enter the practice wanting or needing a procedure, but end up leaving untreated because they are unable to afford the care. Your practice can now offer patients the most innovative payment solution in the industry that makes every procedure affordable for everyone.

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