Healthcare Financing FAQS

Healthcare Financing FAQS2020-01-30T09:34:25-06:00
What Is Compassionate Finance?2017-06-06T09:01:54-06:00

Compassionate Finance™ provides customized payment plans for all patients seeking quality care. Our cloud-based approval process is instantaneous and every patient can qualify with just an active bank account. We are dedicated to making every procedure affordable by offering payment plans that allow patients to choose a monthly payment that works for them. Ask your doctor if they offer Compassionate Finance today!

Where can I find a Compassionate Finance affiliated doctor?2017-06-06T09:04:48-06:00

The number of doctors providing Compassionate Finance™ to their patients is growing every day and getting approved is easy. To find a doctor near you that offers our innovative payment solution, click HERE, or go to the “Find A Doctor” tab on our website and look for a doctor in your area.

What can I use Compassionate Finance for?2017-06-06T09:09:02-06:00

Compassionate Finance was created to make healthcare treatment and procedure costs affordable. Payment plans can be used for services including Vision, Dentistry, Cosmetic Treatments/Surgery, Hearing Care, and Bariatric Surgery.

How is my payment plan determined?2017-06-06T09:12:22-06:00

Compassionate Finance offers customized payment plans that allow each patient to choose a monthly payment that works best for them. Payment plan amounts are dependent on the treatment or procedure provided at your doctor’s office. Be sure to speak with your doctor or the finance coordinator to get details about how the payment plan works in their practice.

How do I apply for a Compassionate Finance loan?2017-06-06T09:19:23-06:00

Applying is fast and easy and every patient qualifies with just an active bank account.  The first step is to find a Compassionate Finance preferred provider. Once you know your doctor offers Compassionate Finance, you will apply in their office on a tablet or computer. Applying takes only a few short minutes and a decision will be instantaneous. Ask your doctor’s office how to apply today!