Compassionate Finance provides a financing option that was just plain missing from most practices.
Dr. Mark Costes, Dentalpreneur Podcast

Your clinical skills are only as good if you get people to say YES. Compassionate Finance is a gateway to get the YES from a large percentage of your patients.

Gives your dental practice another way to have patients be able to move ahead with treatment they want and need! This is an awesome tool to support your thriving practice and being able to help more people with your dynamic dentistry!

Nothing but good things to say about Compassionate! Started 6 months ago and have a number of patients now on payment plans. Its amazing what you can accomplish with patients when you make things affordable! Thanks for being great to work with!

Dr. Sully Sullivan, Sullivan Dental Partners

Being in the dental field for 15 years; I know how finances play a role as to whether patients will complete their treatment. I was ecstatic to learn about Compassionate Finance. Being able to offer a long-term payment solution to ALL of my patients regardless of credit worthiness warms my heart. I know for a fact I can help my patients achieve their dental goals if that is what they choose to do. Compassionate Finance has been top notch with their customer service. The times I have had concerns I was able to speak to my customer service rep and iron out my concerns. I have had zero complaints from my patients as well. I will always recommend this as an option to my patients.

Jessica, Office Manager, Hedgecock Dental

From our experiences the process is extremely simple and easy for both the dentist and the patient. I have been impressed with how kind your staff is and how helpful as well. I see a long future relationship with Compassionate Finance and look forward to helping more and more patients find a way to afford the treatment they need and desire to improve their oral health.

Aaron Bulleigh, DDS , Green Country Dental Arts

Compassionate Finance is a financial coordinator’s dream come true! It has filled a very real need for our patients while serving the profitability of our practice. Offering this special financing to patients has put more of them in our Doctor’s chair, which is where we want them! Best of all, our patients are able to get the care they need. Because of that, they think we are rock stars for making it possible for them! It is a win – win for everyone involved!

Micah Thompson, Office Manager, Thompson Smiles

Choosing Compassionate Finance was an easy decision after looking at your turn-key solution for financing our patients. Like many ophthalmic practices today we find it more challenging to get our patients approved for financing elective procedures. We are extremely excited about capturing the patients, which once would have walked out of our doors. Therefore, both our patients and our practice win.

David Kleiman, MD , Evangelista Eye Center

Compassionate Finance has a given our office another excellent option to finance patients. It has enabled our office to schedule cases which in the past may have not scheduled due to lack of payment options. The training and support is excellent. Our treatment coordinators love it.

Shital Patel, DDS , Dental Care of Corona
The cost of doing dentistry is what prohibits many patients from agreeing to larger treatment plans that involve reconstruction or esthetic care. Compassionate Finance eloquently removes that hurdle for our patients without reducing our profits or increasing our administrative work.
Abdi Sameni, DDS
I have been using Compassionate Finance for over 2 years and as a result it has increased case acceptance, generated more referrals and increased patient satisfaction. I can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t be beneficial to any practice. I highly encourage other doctors to look into this method of financing for their practice as it has many benefits.
Cone C. Rice, DDS
Compassionate Finance has been a great financial addition to my practice. We do a lot of 3rd party financing and it’s nice to be on the receiving end of interest rather than the losing end with other finance companies. It has certainly allowed many of my patients the ability to take care of their dental issues which they otherwise might not have had. And lastly it allowed me to financially survive 2 months of no production after neck surgery. I am a firm believer in Compassionate Finance and the people behind it.
Mitch A. Conditt, DDS
I’ve been looking for the ideal patient financing solution since I started my private practice over 30 years ago. With Compassionate Finance I finally have a program that gives my patients great service and gives me total control without paying steep discounts.
Mike Malone, DDS
For many patients, it isn’t the cost of dentistry that is the barrier, but cash flow. It’s a win win when the dentistry can be done now. The patient can manage the cost over time and Compassionate Finance manages the whole process. My primary goal for patients is to help them get the dentistry they want & need in a way that eliminates finances as a major barrier. Compassionate Finance facilitates this process making it low stress and rewarding for both patient & dentist.
Dr. Lee Ann Brady

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