Don’t put off treatment because it’s too expensive.

Get the financing that you deserve...

How Compassionate Finance™ Works:

Compassionate Finance™ is a financial services company that offers affordable payment plans for patients seeking quality care from a preferred provider. Our cloud-based approval process is instantaneous and every patient can qualify with just an active bank account. Payment plans provide flexible payment terms, fixed interest rates and allow patients to select their monthly payment date.

Whether you need a procedure not covered by insurance or an aesthetic procedure you’ve always wanted—we can help you feel and look your best! Any major medical or dental procedure is covered.

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Why Choose Us

Compassionate Finance™ has helped more than 50,000 patients receive the treatment they deserve. By seeking treatment from a preferred provider of Compassionate Finance you are one step closer to getting the care you’ve always wanted. Apply with a preferred provider today to get started! Use the “Find a Doctor” feature to locate a preferred provider near you!

At Compassionate Finance, we offer:

  • Instant Cloud-based Approval Process
  • Affordable Payments Terms
  • Fixed Interest Rates
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Getting Financed:

    At Compassionate Finance, it is our goal to help you get the care you want and need, quickly and affordably.
    Just follow our simple three-step process:

    1. Find a Compassionate Finance affiliated doctor or dentist.

    2. Our financing program is offered by a growing number of healthcare professionals, with new affiliates being added every month. With our convenient “Find a Doctor” locator, we make it easy to find a provider in our network—just input your city to locate someone in our area.

    3. Fill out a short, confidential approval form.

    4. Our approval form takes just a minute to complete. Your provider will ask you to submit a short application for approval. Once they submit your application, we can return a decision in just a couple of minutes.

    5. Get started on treatment right away!

    6. Once you are approved, you can schedule your appointment and get started. Your affordable payment plan allows you to get the treatment you want and need now, at terms that fit your budget.

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