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About Us

Compassionate Finance™ is dedicated to making every procedure affordable by offering customized payment plans for all patients seeking quality care. We’re committed to helping doctors focus on what they love, being great doctors. Your patients rely on you for your dedication, knowledge and expertise. We focus on making sure your patients can afford the best treatments available and that they stay in your practice to receive those treatments.

We’ve interacted with thousands of patients and realize that one of the best ways to do that, is to offer patients customized payment plans with terms that work for them.  Our patient financing solution works not only for dentists, but plastic surgeons, ophthalmology, audiologists, and other healthcare specialists where out of pocket pay can prohibit treatment acceptance. In addition, our best-in-class, proprietary cloud-based software facilitates B2B payment solutions allowing for automatic payment transactions to occur resulting in timely payments which ultimately increase accounts receivable.

Our turn-key, fully managed patient financing program enables healthcare providers to perform more comprehensive treatment plans as well as care for patients who would have otherwise forgone treatment due to cost. Payment plans provide flexible payment terms, fixed interest rates and allow patients to select their monthly payment date.

The result of utilizing our payment solution is an increase in production and patient satisfaction. Using our innovative cloud-based system, you focus on your patients care while leaving the challenges and frustration of managing patient financing to us. We invite you to learn more about How Compassionate Finance works, and contact us today to get started.

Our Beliefs

We believe that every patient deserves and wants the best care available, they just want it to be affordable. Our approach provides doctors with an easy, flexible and desirable payment option to offer their patients that enables patients to receive that care.

Our History

Compassionate Finance™ was created by an industry-leading expert with the goal of helping dental and healthcare practices provide quality care to a greater number of patients. He ultimately wanted to create a payment solution that brought affordability to comprehensive dentistry for patients who would have otherwise forgone treatment due to cost. This innovative vision lead us to the creation of the ultimate payment solution.

Today, Compassionate Finance™. has processed millions of dollars in payments and has become the fastest growing patient finance solution in dentistry