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What is Compassionate Finance and why should I consider it for my practice?2021-08-19T14:12:01-06:00

Compassionate Finance is a best-in-class payment solution that increases case acceptance and patient loyalty. How? By making every procedure affordable with customized payment plans offering flexible payment terms for any budget.

How do I become a Compassionate dentist?2021-08-19T14:14:20-06:00

Becoming a Compassionate dentist is easy—we’ll help you get set up in our completely cloud-based software, with nothing to install on your systems. And, we’ll provide training for your staff to ensure that you start driving maximum value from our system on day one.

How do my patients get pre-qualified for Compassionate Finance?2021-08-19T14:15:05-06:00

Your patients can get pre-qualified for Compassionate Finance through a quick and easy process on our website or yours. They can even complete the process without ever leaving your office. And remember, every patient with a bank account is automatically approved.

What happens if my patient doesn’t pay?2021-11-17T15:39:36-06:00

If a patient fails to make a payment, our system will automatically trigger a message to them with a reminder. After two missed payments, we begin to escalate the situation on your behalf. However, please remember that because we require automatic monthly payments, it is rare for a patient to miss a payment. Patients select their own due date and can contact customer service to make any changes.

How do I receive payment?2021-08-19T14:16:13-06:00

Receiving payments is effortless with Compassionate Finance. Each month, we’ll simply transfer your patients’ payments electronically into the account you specify during the process of setting up our system for your practice. You can change or add bank accounts at any time.

How is the interest rate determined?2021-08-19T14:17:12-06:00

Your patients’ interest rates are determined by you and you alone. You may choose to charge no interest, or any rate you choose. Our system handles pre-qualification but does not assign interest rates based on credit scores or other risk factors.

Can I set different interest rates for different services?2021-08-19T14:17:51-06:00

Yes! You can set different interest rates for different services at your discretion. Compassionate Finance plays no part in determining the interest rates you offer.

Can I use Compassionate payment options for patients for some, but not all, of my services?2021-08-19T14:18:22-06:00

You can use Compassionate payment options for patients any service or patient you wish. It is a tool at your disposal, and you are always in control of when to use it.

Can more than one family member be on the same Compassionate payment plan?2021-08-19T14:19:06-06:00

Yes, more than one family member be on the same Compassionate payment plan.

Can my patients add their children to their Compassionate payment plan?2021-08-19T14:19:41-06:00

Yes, your patients can add their children to their Compassionate payment plan.

Is the Compassionate preapproval process a hard inquiry on my patients’ credit reports?2021-08-19T14:20:38-06:00

Yes, the Compassionate preapproval process requires a hard inquiry on your patients’ credit report.

Once pre-approved for Compassionate, how long does my patient have to utilize their plan before having to reapply?2021-08-19T14:21:17-06:00

Once pre-approved for Compassionate, your patients have up to 12 months to utilize their financing. After 12 months, they will have to complete the pre-approval process again.

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