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Affordable dental financing can do more than help those with bad credit

August 19, 2021

By Amanda Brown

For many people, dental financing is a necessary evil, complete with high interest rates and unforgiving collectors. For those people, in-house financing is a lifesaver, allowing them to have much-needed dental treatment that they otherwise could not afford.

But clients don’t need to suffer from poor credit to benefit from dentist-offered financing plans.

For the average family with a middle-class income, finances can still be strained. While these people usually have good credit ratings, most people continually carry a balance on their credit card statements. Others are at their credit limit. By offering these people a reasonable financing plan, they would then have a lower-interest option when considering dental payments. Instead of adding another charge to a bill already costing 26.9 percent interest, these clients could utilize more family-friendly flexible payment plans.

Remember, too, that clients with otherwise ample financial resources from time to time find themselves struggling to make their bills. Accidents, illness, emergencies—dark circumstances fall on every life. At times like these, clients will forgo dental treatment to take the family through the hardship. With an affordable in-house option, clients can get the necessary dental treatment without straining their finances.

Even clients with insurance coverage may need a little help. Insurance plans vary in what they cover. For example, many insurance plans will cover the costs of a bridge but not an implant, even when an implant would be the preferred choice for the long-term health of the whole mouth. This is where a flexible payment plan can give your clients a choice as well as open them up to dental procedures that otherwise would strain their family’s budget. It can also reduce the strain on their existing credit cards. By offering an in-house financial solution to everyone, you open a whole new avenue of revenue, as well as providing all clients with a way to afford the best dental treatment available.

All lives go through periods of good and ill. As a professional healthcare provider, you have the power to help all your valuable clients keep smiling. The most sensitive way is to offer a plan that can benefit all clients, regardless of their credit history. Click on this link to learn more about you can make Compassionate Finance your in-house family friendly financing plan.

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